Senior Project Courses

MSE 407 Innovative Engineering Analysis and Design (1-2) 2 – (3 ECTS)
In this course, student(s) conduct an elementary independent project by being assigned to an experimental or theoretical material science and engineering subject (especially related to industry) as a group or individually under the supervision of a faculty member in the department and he/she will devise an experimental set-up or write a computer program and/or develop a theoretical proposal. Specifically, the project work includes the conceptual project definition, the solution methodology including the production, characterization techniques and/or programming. Students are also expected to present the work carried out and report the study.

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MSE 408 Innovative Engineering Design and Implementation (1-2) 2 – (2 ECTS)
In this course, students conduct a major realistic independent project under the supervision of a staff member with the aim of integrating and applying the knowledge gained throughout the coursework to an actual problem. Specifically, the project works includes characterization studies and some work about conducting experiments or applying manufacturing techniques using the set-up created in the first semester. Analysis and interpretation experimental findings are the most crucial part of the course. The course also includes project documentation, poster preparation and presentation.

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