As Çankaya University Materials Science and Engineering Department, our mission is;

  • To meet the needs of our country to provide versatile engineering education and research facilities on the industry, academia, and international levels,
  • Have ability to work in interdisciplinary teams and gained the ability to do research, open to cooperation, with the ability to bring the most effective solutions to scientific knowledge and analytical thinking skills by combining community problems,
  • Being aware of its social responsibility and professional ethics, academic and professional careers, primarily preferred to train the qualified materials scientists and engineers.
  • Our students recognize the opportunity to specialize in research and science and technology in the field, and our students take part in important scientific work which is to contribute to the development of scientific and engineering solutions to major problems.


As Çankaya University Materials Science and Engineering Department, our vision is;

  • Contributing to the development of the branches of industry,
  • Giving the importance to research and development for meeting the national and international levels,
  • Taking an active part in conferences and scientific studies and partnerships with strong academic and industrial relations to promote the work of innovation in our country.